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This page references 2 Rackspace CDN Services:

Break down

Type URL Should It work? Expected HostHeader on Origin Pull/Other Notes
HTTP Origin Directly http://cdnorigin.tron.rax.io Success HostHeader: cdnorigin.tron.rax.io
HTTPS Origin Directly https://cdnorigin.tron.rax.io Success HostHeader: cdnorigin.tron.rax.io
HTTP CDN HTTP Only Service http://cdn.tron.rax.io Success HostHeader: cdn.tron.rax.io
HTTP CDN HTTP Only: CNAME mycdn.tron.rax.io to cdn.tron.rax.io http://mycdn.tron.rax.io Does not work
  • Website Not Available
    The domain you requested could not be served by the CDN.
  • Sad Cloud
HTTPS via Shared SSL Certificate on CDN https://cdns-tron.scdn2.secure.raxcdn.com Success HostHeader: cdns-tron.scdn2.secure.raxcdn.com
HTTP via Shared SSL Certificate on CDN http://cdns-tron.scdn2.secure.raxcdn.com Success Only if Origin accepts HTTP (port 80)
HostHeader: cdns-tron.scdn2.secure.raxcdn.com
HTTPS CDN CNAME to HTTPS Shared SSL Certificate https://mycdns.tron.rax.io Does not work
  • SSL Certificate does not match errors
  • Invalid URL
    The requested URL "/", is invalid.

Common issues

Other issues not covered in "Break down" above
Issue Reason
Sad Red Cloud when viewing CDN Domain
  • You are using the HTTP Access Domain when attempting to view content on the CDN.
    This is not a valid domain, and you must reference the approperite DNS CName to that domain, so that the HostHeader is properly set during the request.
    You can manually test this by updating your 'hosts' file to point the domain to the closest CDN Edge Node. (To get the closest CDN Edge Node, just do a nslookup on the Access URL/Domain).

    Make sure DNS is setup properly and pointing to the appropriate Access URL/Domain for that CDN Domain.
Service Unavailable - DNS failure
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #11.260500cc.1434395618.1b8a4996
Error while executing DNS Lookup from CDN Edge Node for Origin. Double check Origin.
When trying to edit the Origin, you get the following
Domains and origins cannot be same: {u'origin': u'cdnstuff.tron.rax.io', u'ssl': False, u'rules': [{u'request_url': u'/*', u'name': u'Default Origin'}], u'port': 80}
You are trying to edit the Origin to match a CDN Domain name. This causes an infinite loop.
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "http://cdnstuff.tron.rax.io/" on this server.
Reference #18.3f620317.1434395868.331560c7
  • You have set the Origin of one CDN Service as a CDN Domain of another CDN Service

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